Hello Everyone!

It’s back to school time, which is an extremely busy time at libraries! I’ve got a few updates in store for you all. I’m happy to see the spirited commentary on the boards. In a day or so I will post a chart of what we know, what we know is false, what has been suggested (unconfirmed), and what we would like to know.

A few great articles have popped up recently, as have a lot of articles that have just repeated what’s already out there. We’ll try to keep in new & fresh. Thank you for all your suggestions, too!

First, there is Sarah Palin had Turbulent First Year as Mayor of Alaska Town, By Ken Armstrong and Hal Bernton, in this past Sunday’s Seattle Times.

The article does not shed any new light on the issue of this blog, but there is something interesting in it:

Six years of her executive experience came as mayor of Wasilla, a city north of Anchorage that had about 5,000 residents when she took over. As much of Palin’s hometown rallies with pride around her, 1,400 miles away — in a National Archives warehouse in Seattle — three boxes of documents help capture the quality of her mayoral experience.

These records, from a federal wrongful-termination lawsuit, include the minutiae of municipal governance, with memos to administrators and personnel records stamped “confidential.” The documents, combined with accounts from her hometown newspaper, show how Palin’s first year as mayor could easily have been her last.

Librarians have been dispatched to investigate the archives. If they find anything, it will be reported on this site.