Hello friends,

This comment was posted yesterday from Lucy in Alaska:

  1. Lucy Says:
    September 5, 2008 at 3:41 am editTo the best of my knowledge and the verbal recollection of others around the state who knew Mary Ellen in her Wasilla years, her relationship with Sarah Palin remained difficult and book censorship was a continuing issue. Mary Ellen is not a combative person by nature…she is smart and funny and rather quiet. Not someone who would make waves without a reason.

This comment suprised me. The news media, and this blog, focused on Palin’s pressure on Mary Ellen Baker (nee Emmons) during the beginning of Palin’s tenure as Mayor.

I had assumed that Palin backed off of Baker after the public outcry of the early years, and perhaps it was an early executive misstep of Palin – which betrayed her oppenness to ban library materials.  However, Lucy’s posts suggests that Palin CONTINUED to pressure Baker until she resigned.

Lucy mentions she knows this from her personal connection with Baker, as well as other verbal sources. Would any other verbal sources please come forward, and perhaps reveal some new insight into Palin’s relatinoship with the Wasilla Public Library during the Mary Ellen years?

Are there any Wasilla Public Library past or current STAFF that would like to add some insight?

What was Palin’s relationship with the library between the years of 1999-2002?

Finally, I contacted The Frontiersman, which published the blow-by-blow accounts of the events in 1996-1997. They have not digitized their archives before 2000, but offered me an invitiation to visit their offices to read their bound archives. Is there anyone up in that neighborhood that would like to do some research & report back to us all?