From the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal. Focus Turns to Palin Record by Jim Carleton, Michael M. Phillips, Elizabeth Williamson & Laura Meckler

[Gov. Palin] floated the idea of pulling books she considered offensive from a local library.

While of course, WE know this, what’s interesting is that this is not a quote from a community member, but this is presented as fact, on the front page of a right-leaning newspaper.

HOWEVER – Book-banning is NOT a right/left issue. Books are banned for for being perceived as racist, or to remove religion from schools  (ie, Huck Finn, The Bible), as well as for ‘obscenity’ and sexuality (ie. Lolita, And Tango Makes Three)

Libraries allow people to make their own decisions.  By having a wide spectrum of ideas and perspectives, Libraries fight ignorance and mitigate extremism.

It still is interesting, though, that a conservative paper would publish that the Republican VP candidate has suggested banning books.