Thank you to School Library Journal for publicizing the blog: Library Blog Blasts Palin by Debra Lau Whelan

While it did not offer any new information about the Palin/Emmonds case, it did have this interesting quote:

“[Palin] essentially forced Mary Ellen out,” says June Pinnell-Stephens, chair of the Alaska Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee and a friend of Baker’s. “She all but fired her.”

It doesn’t appear, however, that any books were actually banned, says Pinnell-Stephens,  who documents book challenges in the state but couldn’t find any evidence in her files and doesn’t remember any conversations with Baker about the subject.

Although Pinnell-Stephens hasn’t had personal contact with Palin, she doesn’t think the Republican vice presidential nominee is up to the job. “There are many, many issues of which she has no understanding at all [like] the role of libraries in a democracy,” she says. “I certainly have no reason to believe she’s ever been a strong supporter of libraries, partly because she [forced out] a very competent and wonderful director.”

School Library Journal – thank you for the publicity, as well as your research and the interview with Pinnell-Stephens