The Anchorage Daily News reported on Palin’s attempts at censorship today. Palin Pressured Wasilla Librarian

A lot of stuff we already know – however, this is new:

Were any books censored banned? June Pinell-Stephens, chairwoman of the Alaska Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee since 1984, checked her files Wednesday and came up empty-handed.

Pinell-Stephens also had no record of any phone conversations with Emmons about the issue back then. Emmons was president of the Alaska Library Association at the time.Books may not have been pulled from library shelves, but there were other repercussions for Emmons.

Four days before the exchange at the City Council, Emmons got a letter from Palin asking for her resignation. Similar letters went to police chief Irl Stambaugh, public works director Jack Felton and finance director Duane Dvorak. John Cooper, a fifth director, resigned after Palin eliminated his job overseeing the city museum.

The comments section is quite shocking, though. It seems that many people have no problem with ‘cleaning up the smut’ at a public library, or that it takes a certain ‘moral authority’ to stand up to the public library, and that books and librarians must be banned from time to time.