So, what titles did Sarah Palin attempt to censor from the Wasilla Public Library?

Short answer – I don’t know. I am going to need all your help with this one.

I do have a couple of leads

– The best bet would be if we could get Mary Emmons to make a statement. However, she appears to be very media-shy.

– Ann Kilkenny was active in the backlash against Palin during the censorship battle, and also reported that Palin brought up censoring books at a city council meeting.

  • I have e-mailed Kilkenny to see if she can recall titles, and have invited her to visit the blog.
  • Can anyone access the Minutes from the Wasilla City Council meetings? We’re looking in the 1996-1997 time-frame.

– Another lead is the Frontiersman article regarding the book banning from 12/18/1996. I have not had any success in getting the original copy of the article, or any articles from the paper. Does anyone have access to it? To our friends in Alaska – microfilm/fiche?