More from the Politico/Knowles document:

Palin Supported Bill Letting Parents Know what Library Material Their Children Have. Palin wrote, “As a mother of four and a former mayor, I support SB 269’s allowance for public and school libraries’ consistent policies and giving municipalities liberty to address the issue. Perplexing SB 269 opposition, attributed to a public librarian, was based on fear that parents may wield an “iron glove” if given freedom to know their kids’ business.” [Anchorage Daily News (Alaska), 3/5/04]

Usually libraries don’t give out ANY information about their minor patrons, because we don’t know if the person is really their parent. All a stranger needs is the child’s name, and can get access to their address, phone number & e-mail. This concern for children’s well-being trumps a nosy parent. If you want to know what library books your children have taken out, you can ask them, or go to the library with them, or log on to their password protected account at home.

If all the bad books have already been banned, isn’t this kinda unneccessary?